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9 AM- 5:30 PM

St. Cloud, Florida

Galt's Landing

Explore living off the land, freedom of food, health, finance, and stopping corruption in America.




Peymon Mottahedeh


How to Defund the D.C. Swamp & Restore Freedom in America

Founder and President of Freedom Law School, Peymon has not filed a 1040 income tax return or paid any federal income taxes since 1993. He has successfully taught others to do the same by following the law as found on governments official legal websites. FLS helps their students to be free of IRS, Deception, FEAR, robbery and slavery forever!


Jim Gale


Demonstrating Freedom

Outdoor enthusiast, entrepreneur, wrestler, and permaculture expert. From wrestling champ to building a billion-dollar mortgage company, he's lived on the edge, backpacking 37 countries, living with the Maasai, and sailing the seas. Now, he inspires as a speaker, sharing his journey from self-reliance to global food abundance with a 'grow freedom' mindset.


Lauren Witzke


Taking down the Globalist Cabal

Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in 2020, Christian American Nationalist, Film Producer for Died Suddenly, and Coalition Builder.


Ed Szall


Future of Christian media amid the 4th industrial revolution, and how to stay effective for the Kingdom

A US citizen since 18, left the Army after 8 years, disheartened by the military industrial complex. He became a hard-hitting journalist, uncovering dark truths behind power, reporting from global hotspots like Vietnam, Davos, Epstein ranch, and J6.In 2021, he co-founded TLM Global with Lauren Witzke and Matt Skow, creating the groundbreaking documentary "Died Suddenly" and the Loomer Unleashed show. Don't miss Edward and Lauren on CrossTalk News every week!


Laura Loomer


How Tax Payer Dollars are Funding the Immigration Invasion

A conservative investigative journalist and activist, known for exposing fraud and corruption. A Barry University Valedictorian, she served as College Republicans President. Her guerrilla-style journalism, "LOOMERING," includes ambush interviews with prominent figures. Banned from major platforms, she fights big-tech censorship and election interference, filing lawsuits up to the Supreme Court. Endorsed by President Trump in 2020, she is now running for US Congress in Florida's 11th District, advocating for free speech and First Amendment rights.


Hakeem Anwar


Taking back our Tech

CEO of Take Back Our Tech & Above Phone, advocates for ethical tech use. He empowers people with private, open-source software & privacy-focused tech solutions. Now, he explores energetic medicine for holistic healing, expanding his impact beyond digital realms.

Take back our Tech WebsiteAbove Phone Website

Mel K



Mel K, a truth seeker, NYU graduate, and former Hollywood professional, now hosts The Mel K Show to expose globalist agendas. With a focus on freedom and justice, she aims to unite people worldwide in defense of liberty, sovereignty, and individual rights, guided by faith in God and foundational documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Bible.


John Baxter


Health at Home

John is revolutionizing wellness with patented technology for home or centers. A visionary entrepreneur, inventor, and martial artist, he's reshaping sleep, healing, and connectivity. His Med Bed Technology, blending biotech and Tesla patents, was named World's Greatest Health Technology 2023 & 2024 by Bloomberg. The Anti Aging Bed integrates 70+ technologies, from grounding to frequencies, for optimal wellness.


Ann Vandersteel


Operation Burning Edge the border crisis

Her career as a new media journalist began on a podcast in 2016 called Your Voice America. Before censorship, the show had 300K live views/night. 2017 Ann started her own show called Steel Truth which ran until 2022. Brighteon TV picked Ann up where she has been delivering nightly news weeknights on a show called Right Now with Ann Vandersteel.


More Speakers to Come!

Misha Hyman

Special Guest Chef of the Health Warrior Project

Chef Misha will be cooking a Vegan meal as well as Grassfed beef hamburgers, fish and fresh food from the property.

Misha Hyman, founder and CEO of THWP, follows his family's healing legacy. His mother co-founded a Functional Medicine business in Beijing. Hyman, a former athlete, believes in food as medicine, advocating for urban farming. Through The Health Warrior Project LLC, he educates on health and well-being, emphasizing mindful eating and practices. Hyman aims to shift focus "from white coat to white apron," promoting healing through community-based health care.


General Admission

General Admission includes a hot and healthy lunch with all speakers.

Saturday | 9 AM - 5:30 PM

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